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HTTP Server

The following configuration sets up an HTTP server for NanoMQ, including the server port, connection limit, authentication type, and JWT public key file if JWT authentication is used.

Example Configuration

http_server = {
  port = 8081               # HTTP server port
  limit_conn = 32           # Maximum number of outstanding requests NanoMQ can handle
  username = "admin"        # Username
  password = "public"       # Password
  auth_type = "jwt"         # Authentication type, "basic" or "jwt"
  jwt = {
    public.keyfile = "/etc/certs/jwt/"   # Path to the JWT public key file, used if auth_type is "jwt"

Configuration Items

  • port: Specifies the port on which the HTTP server will listen. Value range: 0 ~ 65535.
  • limit_conn: Specifies the maximum number of outstanding requests that the server can handle at once. Value range: 1 ~ infinity.
  • username: Specifies the username required for authentication with the HTTP server.
  • password: Specifies the password required for authentication with the HTTP server.
  • auth_type: Specifies the type of authentication used by the HTTP server. Values:
    • "basic"
    • "jwt": If "jwt" is to be used, make sure JWT dependencies have been built with the -DENABLE_JWT=ON option. For details, see Build from Source Code
  • jwt.public.keyfile: Specifies the path to the public key file used for JWT authentication, used if http_server.auth_type is set to jwt.