# Introduction

NanoMQ (opens new window) is an open source project for edge computing that started in July 2020 and is the next generation of lightweight, high-performance MQTT messaging broker for the IoT edge computing scenario.

Github repository address: https://github.com/nanomq/nanomq (opens new window)

NanoMQ aims to deliver simple and powerful message-centric services for different edge computing platforms; strives to remove the gap between hardware development and cloud computing; connects the physical world and digital intelligence from the open source community; thus popularizing edge computing applications and helping to connect everything.

NanoMQ in collaboration with NNG. Relying on NNG's excellent network API design, NanoMQ can focus on MQTT broker performance and more extended features.The goal is to provide better SMP support and high performance-price ratio in edge devices and MECs. There are plans to add other IOT protocols such as ZMQ, NanoMSG and SP in the future.

NanoMQ currently has the following functions and features:

Full support for the MQTT 3.1.1 protocol. High compatibility and portability as the project relies only on the native POSIX API and is developed purely in C/C++. NanoMQ is internally fully asynchronous IO and multi-threaded parallelism, so there is good support for SMP while achieving low latency and high throughput. It is cost-effective in terms of resource usage and is suitable for all types of edge computing platforms.