NanoMQ v0.6.6 Release Note

Mar 14, 2022
  1. Update the embedded MQTT SDK (nanosdk) to 0.3.
  2. Refactoring NNG_PIPE system for better session managing.
  3. Optimize clean session implementation.
  4. Add nano_bench tool for benchmarking.
  5. Fix MQTT V5 compliance. (CONNACK :User Property & Session Expiry & Flow control)
  6. Add new HTTP API for statistical report & update configuration remotely
  7. Fix other minor bugs of 0.6.0 regarding UNSUB & PINGREQ & Shared-subscription etc..

LTS of 0.6

Mar 21st Update : Fix #445 Mar 30th Update : Sync with 0.6.7 & fix SDK

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