NanoMQ v0.15.0 Release Note

Jan 9, 2023

NanoMQ 0.15.0 is out now: 1.QoS Message prioritization in MQTT over QUIC bridging. Improve uploading msg rate. 2.Disable QoS message resending in app layer for better latency. 3.Enhance Multi-channel bridging performance. (Non-blocking mode) 4.Support new MQTT error code in bridging online/offline event msg. 5.Support Reload/Hot-update of HOCON config. 6.Add new config option for adjusting caching message queue length of bridging. 7.Fix security issues of HOCON parser that found by AFL 8.Fix incorrect bridging behavior of Docker image. 9.Fix HOCON with Rule-Engine feature 10.Fix data racing issue in NanoSDK & NanoNNG 11.Other bug fixings.

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