NanoMQ v0.20.0 更新日志

NanoMQ 0.20.0 is out now:


  • New MQTT over QUIC implementation - QUIC transport is refactored for better threading safety.
  • A more safe QUIC multi-stream functionality, topics-stream auto binding.
  • Refactor the QUIC bridge/hybrid bridge for the new quic socket.
  • Resolve the error in nanomq_cli for the new QUIC implementation.
  • Add support for dynamic bridge reloading over the QUIC bridge.


  • Support rap + rh in MQTT V5 bridging
  • Support topic reflection in bridge


  • Support ip addr filter in acl conf


  • Support subscribe event to SOME/IP server


  • Clean and refactor DDS logs.
  • Support setting partition for DDS publisher and subscriber.
  • Implement new DDS gateway configuration to support setting forward array.
  • Add support for subscribing to multiple topics at once.
  • Fix memory leakage and address minor bugs.


  • Add new UNIT tests
  • Add new rule_enginee_test
  • Add new hashmap_test
  • Add new basic bridge client rap & rh test
  • Add test for new QUIC implementation


  • Fix other minor bugs

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