NanoMQ v0.13.0 更新日志

This is the changelog of NanoMQ 0.13.0:

  1. MQTT over QUIC enhancement: 1) Fallback to TCP when the public network is not acceptable 2) Support interface binding with index 3) Add more parameters for adjusting QUIC behaviors 4) Multi-channel bridging
  2. Rule Engine Republishing message.
  3. Enhanced logging system (minor drawback in performance)
  4. Support SQLite caching for NanoSDK (QUIC)
  5. Hot Update of specific Config parameters via Reload command or HTTP API.
  6. Add an official binary package that supports QUIC bridging
  7. Fix SSL/TLS support of MQTT bridging
  8. Fix config file is not taking effect in the Docker image

What's Changed

Full Changelog:

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