NanoMQ v0.12.0 更新日志

NanoMQ 0.12.0 is out now. Here is the changelog:

  1. Merge multiple config files and optimize logging info of config verification.
  2. Expose the connection status of bridging (including vanilla MQTT and QUIC) as ab online/offline event message.
  3. Synchronize nanonng with nanosdk to make SQLite caching work in MQTT over QUIC SDK.
  4. Add an auto-tunning mechanism so that NanoMQ could detect hardware and select the tuned config in the best efforts.
  5. Now you can compile broker as a shared library or static lib for embedded usage.
  6. Support rotation and rolling update of logging files.
  7. Fix the nngproxy of nanomq_cli module.
  8. FIx configuring QUIC keepalive not taking effects.
  9. Update Docs of the rule engine.
  10. Optimize CI action - for better stability & availability.

What's Changed

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