NanoMQ v0.11.0 更新日志

I am thrilled to announce NanoMQ 0.11 is out now! With some most advanced features like MQTT over QUIC bridging and Rule Engine, you can unlock more possibilities with us!

The changelog of NanoMQ 0.11.0:

  1. Fix session always expire before it should
  2. Fix TLS/SSL of MQTT transport
  3. Fix MQTT over WebSocket Transport
  4. Fix Topic filter matching error
  5. Fix connect_cb of NanoSDK in bridging module
  6. Send a bridging message with MQTT v5 property if any.
  7. Fix nanomq_cli helper info
  8. Fix HTTP API of query clients and topic trie which is broken in 0.9.
  9. Add republish option for Rule Engine
  10. Fix transport layer for WebSocket & TLS
  11. Update the test-ci framework and Docs.
  12. Add MQTT over QUIC bridging feature (work with EMQX 5.0)
  13. Support Hot Update of Rule Engine 's repub and SQL via HTTP or cli (Resource management not included)
  14. Rule Engine now supports MySQL

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