# QuickStart

# Compile & Install

To build NanoMQ, you will need a C99 & C++11 compatible compiler and CMake (opens new window) version 3.13 or newer.

Basically, you need to compile and install NanoMQ by following steps :

$PROJECT_PATH/nanomq$ mkdir build & cd build

$PROJECT_PATH/nanomq/build$ cmake -G Ninja ..

$PROJECT_PATH/nanomq/build$ sudo ninja install

Or you can compile it without ninja:

$PROJECT_PATH/nanomq$ mkdir build ; cd build; cmake .. ; make

# Compile dependency

Please be aware that NanoMQ depends on nanolib & nng(nanonng for MQTT)

both dependencies can be compiled independently

$PROJECT_PATH/nanomq/nng/build$ cmake -G Ninja .. $PROJECT_PATH/nanomq/nng/build$ ninja install

compile nanolib independently:

$PROJECT_PATH/nanolib/build$ cmake -G Ninja .. $PROJECT_PATH/nanolib/build$ ninja install

# Start MQTT Broker

nanomq broker start 'tcp://localhost:1883' &

Currently, NanoMQ only supports MQTT 3.1.1, partially supports MQTT 5.0

# test POSIX message Queue

nanomq broker mq start/stop